Cleaning Day

22 02 2008

Helping around the house. This stage usually lasts a few years. Gotta love it when they are willing and want to help! (yeah I got the hint, people are tired of seeing Clint’s crossed eyes!)


Dedicated to the love of my life, Clint

29 01 2008

Any wonder as to why there are not more photos of you on our lovely family blog?!

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Great Day for a Snowman

10 01 2008

We had a blast in the snow today. I cannot believe we were outside playing for over 2 hours and loving every second of it! Calee had to make a snow angel first thing, but then we decided to check out our snowman making skills. Ok, so they are lacking. The snow looked like it would pack well, but there was no way we could make big ole balls without it falling apart. So with the help of a snow shovel and lots of moms patting, we came up with this Joba the Hut snowman. Calee had a great time climbing up on top to deposit her ball of snow and then sliding down. Of course at the end she had to give him a hug and then sit on top for her TA-DAA moment. Ahhh, what a great day!

Mom and Calee Dec07

10 01 2008

So I am having issues again if you can’t tell, my posts are getting all jumbled up, so if you know how to fix this let me know! I love my little peanut!

Ashley Dec07

10 01 2008

My little baby is growing up!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

13 12 2007

I managed to mix my posts together, so here I go again. These pics are from the Festival of trees. We had a great time together gazing at the amazing trees. (ours at homes look sooo much like the Charlie Brown tree compared to these) The girls loved this fairy tree.

Here is the cool guy gadget tree. I think it was called something like “All Wired Up for Christmas” I seriously wanted to take about a hundred pictures, but every time I held up the line I felt like people were about to unleash their dogs on us. It was such a crazy night to be there. NEVER go on a Friday or Saturday night, lesson learned. Of course by next year I may have forgotten all I learned this year.

And on to the gingerbread houses, seriously how I ever got a picture of this I will never know, I must have looked mean, cuz people were moving out of the way for us, that or I smelled really bad! Anyway it was way cool dragon, next time I think we will hit the houses first, they were pretty amazing. How in the world do people find time to do things like this?

All in all the night was a success, we didn’t even get through all of the trees, but what we saw was pretty exciting.

Girls day out

6 12 2007

A couple times a year it’s girls day out. Our last outing was to the Good Things Utah show. Check out our guest for the day, John O’Hurley. What a charmer, we laughed and swooned with the other 50 women there over his charm. Afterwards we endured a freakishly long wait to eat at the new Cheesecake factory at the Fashion Place mall. I spent more money on cheesecake than the meal, I just couldn’t decide, seriously how do you pass up cheesecake like Godiva chocolate, dulce le leche topped with fresh strawberries and pumpkin? I love hanging with my gals. Dianne and Christine have been there for me for wow, what is it now, almost 20 years?! I wish Julia and Tiina were closer. The other night, Ashley asked me if I had life long friends that I could share anything with. I realized that I did, but most have moved not just across town but across the country and globe. Julia in SC, Tiina in TX, Shawna in AZ, Delene in Japan. I am grateful for the friends that are close and miss the ones that aren’t. Move back already will ya?!